• 11 июня 2016, суббота
  • Москва, DI Telegraph, Tverskaya, 7.

AVRA Days. Virtual reality forum and hackathon

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AVRA Association AR/VR & interactive technology
2727 дней назад
с 10:00 11 июня до 19:00 13 июня 2016
DI Telegraph, Tverskaya, 7.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Association (AVRA) associated with DI Telegraph proudly represents the main russian 3-days event about augmented and virtual reality technologies. It consist of 5 big parts: 11 June — business conference, technology exhibition and job fair of IT industry. This day will bring together stakeholders, business representatives, public sector, investors, representatives of science, art, education and everyone who are inspired by new technologies. June 11-12: International VR/AR hackathon, where participants are able to realize their own project or proposed by partners of the hackathon in 5 categories: games, education, social project, industrial solution and film VR360. The winners will receive cool prizes and the possibility of continuing cooperation with partners after the event. Also, there are investment session where participants will discuss the opportunities of VR industry and its future potential.

VR-projects for business: advertising, travel industry, realty, retail, games and entertainment. How to get advantages by using VR?;

● Projects for medical industry and education: new opportunities and research results;

● Integration of VR/neurotechnologies/3D-formats/hologram;

● VR and art: cinema, theatre, graphic arts, paining, museum;

● VR-projects management: marketing and promotion VR-projects (the best section for core business companies)

Get the opportunity to discover how to implement VR in your business right now!

Expo-zone for everyone who is interested in the world of fantastic opportunities of VR industry.

The advanced technologies and business solutions in VR industry:

  • VR helmets: Oculus Rift CV-1, HTC Vive, NVR, Fibrum, Homido and others;
  • 360 degree video cameras
  • Controller and other devices
  • The immersive attractions in virtual reality
  • Business solutions and the exiting games
  • Interesting education show cases

By visiting AVRA Test Drive, you could discover  how VR technology is useful and entertaining

  • Top vacancies from the TOP companies of IT markets and VR industry.
  • Job offers for soft-developers, engineers, managers and marketing experts.
  • Speed dating interviews with employer during event
  • Creating of base of vacancies and CVs at the end of AVRA Days.

Specially for everyone who want to start a career at the leading companies of IT and AR/VR industries

  • 48 hours to launch unique VR project based on  your own business-idea;
  • Accept the challenge in one of the nominations: social project, industrial project, cinema VR360 and animation, advertising and game.
  • Gather a team and spend the weekend usefully
  • Mentoring by experts from the leading IT companies and investors;
  • Win the awesome awards from hackathon partners
  • Opportunity to continue collaboration and developing own project supported by professionals and Association of Augmented and Virtual realities

Join to the future! Registration is required and avaliable for everyone.

If you have any questions or want to represent your own VR project fo russian community at AVRA Test Drive, please reach us by semenikhines@gmail.com.


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